The Amanda Forrest Collection for The Fat Paint Company

Meet Amanda Forrest
Amanda Forrest is a designer and nationally recognized expert in home construction, project management, design, and lifestyle trends. Her 15 years of practical experience and taste making continue to see her industry leading concepts featured on television, print, and advertising as well as many national events like IDS West, The National Home Show, and the International Builders Conference.

As a devoted mother to 5 children, Amanda appreciates the value in teaching and believes she is here to make a difference. She is a proud supporter of woman entrepreneurs and children’s rights through Kiva, Pencils of Promise, and The Children’s Aid Foundation.

The gold skull in Amanda’s logo has become a recognizable figure for the Amanda Forrest brand and is reflective of Amanda’s belief that the skull offers a home protection from negative energy and  is celebration of her Cree Ancestry.

The Amanda Forrest Collection
Colours are all inspired by my personality and personify my creative drive, passion for business, and love of travel.

Blushing Bombshell
A fierce sensual colour with an incredible drive seeking to be passionately paired with either floral or vibrant patterns.

Tip: Blushing Bombshell commands attention and is best partnered with greens and navy, the perfect colour for a media cabinet, accent tables or picture frames.

Navy State of Mind
The boss of her world, strong to the point and always unwavering. As crisp as a pin striped suit and sky high heels.

Tip: Navy State Of Mind Is a grounding colour. Its classic hue will stand the test of time on vanities, kitchen cabinetry and any mantle.

She has a quiet soft demeanor only intimates will discover. Its understated elegance is gentle and classic mirroring the lady at heart.

Tip: Greysful speaks to your inner traditionalist. It is the perfect grey to elevate cabinetry, coffee tables and headboards to a new level.

Destined for tropical inspiration with an umbrella drink in one hand and toes in the sand this shade is as hot as the Caribbean sun.

Tip: Orangeapalooza is the colour of fun, its saturation is rich and deep giving it visual interest to hall tables, dining chairs and table lamps.

Couture Linen
It covets fashion and the attention to detail found on a beautifully crafted blazer or a beaded formal gown, knowing what looks best and priding itself on being a well-mannered colour even at the finest of social events.

Tip: Couture linen is a classic tone that will bring out the best in any piece fitting in with any style of decor.

Can’t See Me Camo
She is a real team player with a masculine side. Her ability to lead and inspire through life experience has granted the gift to mentor others creatively exploring in a multitude of mediums.

Tip: Can’t See Me Camo is the choice that can bridge the gap between light and dark furniture pieces. It is an understated neutral that adds visual depth to dressers, sideboards and benches.



Media Appearances
CTV Morning Live Ottawa, Tuesday January 26th
Global Morning News Toronto, Wednesday February 10th
CTV Morning Live Vancouver, Friday February 19th
CTV Morning Live Calgary, Friday February 26th