FAT Cash

$200 for you.
A new retailer for us.

We’re giving $200 cash to anyone who gets us in the door of a new retailer. It’s part of our plan to spread FAT love across the globe.

Here’s how it works:

1. As a cheerleader for our brand, you do one of these two things:
(a) Brag about us to your favourite shop and tell them you want to see FAT Paint on their shelves – stat! Have them contact our Retailer Relations Coordinator and explain to us what makes their shop so special. Make sure they mention YOUR name and contact information.

(b) Email introduce us to your favourite retailer. Tell us why YOU think FAT Paint and the shop would make a fantastic fit. Don’t forget to CC the retailer in the email.

2. Check in with both of us to make sure we’ve made a connection.

3. You get $200 when they start selling FAT Paint.
When the retailer you referred us to signs on as an exclusive FAT Paint retailer, we’ll send you $200 as a big FAT thank you.

Spreading the love is FAT-tastic!

Get your FAT Paint Finder’s Fee today!