We want to help everyone tap into their creativity

and explore the artisan within!

Our products are easy to use, incredible top-notch, and fun, too!

We make FAT Paint

It was the Spring of 2012 when The FAT Paint Company began. Victoria, a DIYer with flair, and her brother Bradford, an artist with mad skills, decided to mesh their collective talents together. This artisan sibling duo sought to make a chalk-style paint that was easy to apply, versatile, and inspiring.

It didn’t take long for our hands-on, in-house paint recipe for artisans by artisans to grow into a bold brand that customers loved! It all started in Victoria’s kitchen with a KitchenAid mixer and a dream. Today, The FAT Paint Company has a 2400-square-foot production and retail space with more than 130 retailers across North America. Wow!

Community matters most

Since day one, we’ve been deeply connected to our community – literally in beautiful New Westminster, BC and creatively with DIYers and artisans everywhere. Our vision is to make and sell the best chalk-style paint across the globe so that all of your projects – no matter how big, small, wild or wonderful – can come to life.

We’d love to see your FAT Paint project. Send us a note.