The FAT Paint Company makes chalk-style paint that goes on smooth, distresses easily, and finishes with flair. Developed by an artisanal brother-sister duo, FAT Paint transforms old furniture, frames, bowls, jars, and anything at all really into enviable works of upcycled art.

FAT Goods
These Folks Carry FAT

In addition to our famous FAT Paint, you can also load up on FAT products – only the best to make DIYing, creating, and playing that much more easy, delightful, and downright fun.


This delightfully fresh and joyful colour is Peacock.


Divine and magical, our colour Dharma elevates the soul to a higher level of creativity. 


These folks carry FAT

Our retailers are artisans just like us.

They care about quality & creativity.


to find a retailer.

These Folks Carry FAT
FAT Paint is now available online! Click here to go to the shop.
Like a cool breeze on Grandma’s porch our Ocean Spray colour is bliss on a paintbrush.

Become Fat Family

If you’d like to carry FAT Paint in your shop, first: Thank You! That’s so nice of you.

Become Fat Family

If you would like to carry FAT Paint in your shop, first: Thank you! That’s so nice of you.

We’re pretty picky about our FAT family. Here’s what we’re looking for:

1. You don’t just sell chalk-style paint, you know it.

You’ve used it. You can answer questions about it. If there was a category on Jeopardy called “Chalk-Style Paint”, you’d get them all right and win the Daily Double. Essentially, we want you to be able to confidently answer any questions your customers might have about FAT Paint and all the painting, sanding, waxing, and glazing techniques that go with it.

2. You have brick and mortar.

You have a physical space. Customers can chat face-to-face about their FAT Paint needs during set retail hours. Your staff is also well-trained in the FAT way so that no matter who comes through the door and what questions they ask, your team is equipped and up to snuff with all things FAT and fabulous.

3. You offer workshops.

Your customers can learn to use FAT Paint firsthand in artisan-led workshops at your space or in a location nearby. This isn’t a requirement, but it is a nice-to-have.And it helps generate enthusiasm for the DIY movement, for your shop, and for FAT Paint too.

4. You can invest upfront.

By invest, we mean the cost of your first shipment, which is usually about $1600 + shipping. This will include start-up stock, FAT Paint in three sizes, a set quantity of natural and patina FAT Wax, brochureware, palettes, and more. We’ll tell you more about the initial investment when you tell us more about you below!

5. If you’re a US retailer, you’ll need a TAX ID.

We don’t make the rules; but we do abide by them.

If you feel good about the 5 musts to the left, let’s get started!
We’re excited to connect. Please fill out the form below.



    Check all that apply

    Tell us about you and your shop and why you're passionate about carrying FAT Paint. What makes you the perfect retailer of FAT Paint?

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    Call us email us show up at our front doorCall us email us show up at our front door

    We’re a friendly bunch and we like meeting new people. Connect with us in whichever way floats your boat:

      T 604.560.2181

      SNAIL MAIL & POP BYS Unit 109 -20120 64 Ave, Langley, BC V2Y 1M8

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