FAT Goods


FAT‘n up your DIY roster with these great products.

They make every project (and every artisan) look good.

FAT Paint cans 001

FAT Paint

Our chalk-style paint easily affixes to most porous surfaces—wood, glass, metal, plastic and fabric—and covers most projects with just a couple of coats. It’s low-VOC. It dries quickly. And, it’s soft and easy to sand, leaving nothing behind but a smooth, silky finish.

  • Available sizes: 4 oz sample, pint and quart
  • MSDS available here

FAT Wax 200g & 50g 001


From authentic, all-natural looks to antiqued, aged or sea-salted effects, FAT Wax adds character to any upcycled project. Made from beeswax and a hint of carnauba wax, each of our three distinct shades—Natural, Patina and White—leave behind a lustrous museum-quality polish with lasting durability.

  • Available in 50g or 200g jar
  • MSDS available here

CLEAR Top Coat 001

CLEAR Top Coat

If extra durability or protection is required, use CLEAR Top Coat to finish off your FAT Paint’d project instead of FAT Wax. The water-based sealant is safe and easy-to-use; it goes on clear and stays clear, providing a pearl sheen guaranteed not to yellow over time.

  • Available in 473 ml/16 fl. oz.
  • MSDS available here

Extra FAT 001

Extra FAT

Extra FAT adds dimension and texture to any project simply by enhancing the consistency of any FAT Paint colour. The 100% all-natural powdered additive is used to create embossed reliefs as well as crusty, aged or chippy textures weathered from years on the sea. 

  • Available in 13 gr. jars

FAT Glazes 001

FAT Specialty Glaze

FAT Specialty Glazes transform surfaces into prized heirlooms by producing an aged, antique-like look without the use of wax. This water-based, translucent film can also be manipulated to build texture and patterns, including faux wood grain or marble.

  • Four lightly-tinted shades: White, Black, Raw Umber and Raw Sienna
  • Available in 4 fl. oz.