We’re excited about our new and revamped FAT Palette! To find the palette and access to individual colour images, head to The Skinny’s new “FAT Palette” page.

Our chalk-style paint has great adhesion; it easily affixes to most porous surfaces like wood, glass, metal, plastic and fabric, and applies like a dream. It’s naturally smooth and creamy, covering most projects with just a couple of coats. The chalky nature of FAT Paint also means it dries quickly, leaving you more time to get creative with your finishes.

Another great thing about FAT Paint is that is low in VOCs. In fact, it’s lower than Canadian required industry standards which is FATtabulous! What exactly are VOCs? Well… let’s get all sciencey:

VOCs is an acronym for volatile organic compounds: organic chemicals that have a high vapor pressure at room temperature. Basically this means that large molecules in the chemicals easily evaporate into the air. These molecules are usually present for us humans by way of odors, but sometimes VOCs have no odor… and of course exposure to severe VOCs can cause eye, nose and throat irritation, headaches or – worse case scenario – internal or central nervous system damage. Yucky stuff!

Because FAT Paint is extremely low in VOCs, little-to-no molecules are evaporating into the air and odors are minimal or non-existent. Most importantly of all, FAT Paint is safe to use for everyone; pregnant women and children included. Awesome!!

FAT Paint is soft and easy to sand, which makes the distressing process practically effortless! Most unwanted brush strokes can be sanded out, leaving nothing behind but a smooth, silky, soft-to-the-touch finish.

Tutorials from “Chew the FAT”

Chew the FAT: “Prep Before You Paint”

Chew the FAT: “FAT Paint 101”

“How-to” Printable


MSDS – FAT Paint: White Base


MSDS – FAT Paint: Neutral Base (brighter or darker colours)

FAT Wax—the perfect complement to every FAT Paint project! Made from beeswax and a hint of carnauba wax, these wonderfully easy to apply sealants absorb into any porous surface area, leaving behind a lustrous museum-quality polish with lasting durability.

FAX Wax come in three distinct shades—Natural, Patina, White and our new Black (yay!!)—and offer the artisan the tools to create a wide variety of finishes. From authentic, all-natural looks to antiqued, aged or sea-salted effects, our FAT Wax adds character and sophistication to any upcycled project.

Tutorials from “Chew the FAT”

Chew the FAT: “FAT Wax Tutorial”

“How-to” Printable


Note: FAT Wax is a private labeled product, supplied to TFPC by Clapham’s Beeswax Ltd.




If extra durability or protection is required, use CLEAR Top Coat to finish off your FAT Paint’d project instead of FAT Wax. The water-based sealant is safe and easy-to-use; it goes on clear and stays clear, providing a pearl sheen guaranteed not to yellow over time.

The sheen beautifully emulates the traditional look of a waxed, chalk-style painted surface: not too shiny and not too flat.

Extra FAT adds dimension and texture to any project simply by enhancing the consistency of any FAT Paint colour. It’s simple, easy—and oh-so-much fun!

The 100% all-natural powdered additive is used to create embossed reliefs as well as crusty, aged or chippy textures weathered from years on the sea. Use a little or use a lot—it’s really up to you!

With FAT Specialty Glazes you can create unique, one-of-a-kind finishes. The water-based, translucent film transforms surfaces such as wood, metal and glass into prized heirlooms by producing an aged, antique-like look without the use of wax.

FAT Specialty Glazes can also be manipulated to build texture and patterns, including faux wood grain or marble.

Each of our four beautiful, lightly-tinted shades—White, Black, Raw Umber and Raw Sienna— defines colours and shapes while bringing out the rich, dimensional details of any upcycled project.


Need a UPC code for a specific colour or size of FAT Paint? You’ll find it right here!