A Very FAT Christmas Tree DIY

A Very FAT Christmas Tree DIY

December 16, 2015

It's the most colourful time of the year

This year at The FAT Paint Company, we decided to trim the tree a little differently for the holiday season. The FAT Paint Christmas Tree DIY became a fun project everyone in the office could take part in – and you could easily do in your home as well! It just requires a smaller, fake tree (we found ours at IKEA) and your favourite holiday FAT Paint!

Holiday decorating with FAT Paint

We began by spraying our tree with some primer, just to be safe. After that had dried, everyone in the office took part in pouring our 4oz sample jars of FAT Paint over the tree. Part way through, we added some decorations to the branches so they would also be covered in colourful drips. After many days of pouring, we sprayed with a high-gloss Varathane to seal it in. Check out the whole process below, from the first pour to the final result!

The first pour on the Christmas tree

Starting the Christmas tree with traditional red

Adding in more colour

The Christmas tree getting very drippy

Adding the ornaments

The final FAT Christmas tree

High gloss and lots of colour

We loved the puddle of FAT Paint pooling on the bottom of the tree

Even our ornaments turned colourful

It's the most colourful time of the yearLet us know what you think of our very FAT Christmas tree in the comments below and share what FAT Paint projects you completed this holiday season!



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