The FAT Paint Ambassador Program

The FAT Paint Ambassador Program

September 30, 2015

The FAT Paint Ambassador Program is designed for artisans who use FAT Paint in at least 50% of the products they bring to sell at local markets. With this experience and passion for FAT Paint, they feel comfortable providing education around FAT Paint and are passionate about craft, DIY and FAT Paint. Because of their passion, they are proud to promote FAT Paint at every show or market they participate in, eager to talk to visitors about the company and the product. The ultimate goal of the program is to increase brand awareness where our retailers are, thereby bringing more customers in their doors.

This program is intended to compliment the work ambassadors are already doing. We understand you attend shows to sell your product and promote your business. The intention is for conversations about FAT Paint Products to occur organically.

To learn more about The FAT Paint Ambassador Program, please download the Program Guide. If you feel you meet the qualification and would make an engaging and fun FAT Paint Ambassador, please apply by filling out the form below.

    Basic Information

    Applicant Name:

    Business Name:


    Contact Phone Number:



    Where do you buy your FAT Paint:


    What do you do/make?

    How long have you worked with FAT Paint?

    Why do you choose to use FAT Paint in your products?

    What shows/markets are you expecting to participate in (please provide their website information as well)

    Are you confirmed to attend any of these shows/markets?

    What qualities make you a strong Ambassador?

    Why do you want to be a FAT Paint Ambassador?

    Additional Information

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    Additional Social Channels

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